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6 Ways to Correctly Time Your Sale and Purchase

The time has come to sell your home and buy a new one. With this, comes the task of correctly timing your sale with the purchase of your new home. Not an impossible feat, but it certainly can be complex. With a bit of understanding and some planning, it can be successful, especially when considering these 6 items. Same day closing Sometimes the stars align and you can time the purchase and sale to close on the same day. The ideal situation would be to sell in the morning and buy in the afternoon. This works best when you are not…

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4 Reasons Why Your Home Didn’t Sell the First Time

Was your house on the market and you had to take it off because it didn’t sell? We’re sure you’ve heard the terms “seller’s market” or “buyer’s market” and either of those could have something to do with why your home didn’t sell. However, there are many other potential reasons your house didn’t sell:  here are the top four. Staging Home staging is preparing your home and property for sale. The goal is to make your home more appealing to potential buyers by minimizing your personal items and allowing the buyers to imagine their own family living there.  This most…

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