Gettysburg was founded in 1786 and was named after Samuel Gettys, who was an early settler and tavern owner.   Gettysburg is primarily known for its proximity to the battlefield, however, it was also known for its institutions of higher learning.  The Theological Seminary was founded in 1826 and Gettysburg College was established in 1832.  For three days in July of 1863, a costly battle raged between the Union and Confederate armies in and around the Borough.  There were over 51,000 casualties.  The battle at Gettysburg is viewed as the turning point of the war.  The battle led to the Gettysburg Address in which Lincoln redefined the Civil War as a struggle for freedom and democracy.  Prior to the Civil War, Gettysburg was a prosperous village that supported two small colleges.  After the battle, the town held the memories of slaughter and it took years for the town to recover.  The first pilgrims arrived just days after there were no more gunshots.


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