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Home Buying Isn’t as Far Fetched as You May Think

Owning a home is part of “The American Dream” and can often feel unattainable, especially for lower-income families. The thought of saving a down payment can seem a daunting task. Add the stress of finding the right home at the right price, and it can feel downright impossible. It’s not impossible! The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Interfaith Housing Association have introduced the Purchase-Repair Homeownership Program. This program makes it possible for lower-income families to purchase homes that fulfill the USDA requirements and have money built into the mortgage to complete repairs on the home because almost all…

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Credit Report vs. Credit Score

Anytime we apply for financing, we know they are going to access our credit report and pull our credit score to determine if we are approved and how high our interest rate will be. The Federal Reserve tells us that it is especially important that we understand our credit report, credit score and the companies that compile the information, the credit bureaus. So, what are the differences between your credit report and credit score? Find out below.  Credit Report The four major components of a credit report consist of: your identity, your existing credit, your public record and inquiries about…

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